Equine Physiotherapy

Equine physiotherapy working for the benefit, comfort and performance of your animal in Shropshire, Cheshire, Wales and West Midlands.

Horses can suffer back, neck and muscular pain just as we humans do. These problems impact on the performance of ridden horses, and may manifest themselves as undesirable behaviour.

What Shropshire Veterinary Physiotherapy can offer your horse.

A full and thorough history is taken of your horse followed by a static assessment of conformation, muscular imbalances and skeletal asymmetries. Your horse is assessed in walk and trot, although sometimes it may be necessary to see the horse lunged or ridden. The major bony landmarks and muscles across the spine and limbs are palpated for irregularities and signs of dysfunction. A treatment programme is then decided upon which may include a combination of physiotherapy, massage, trigger point release, myofascial releases and McTimoney adjustments. Remedial exercises and electrotherapies may be incorporated as required. On average it takes between one to three sessions to resolve the initial issue, and establish a baseline for improvement. Three to six monthly checkups are advised to maintain health and suppleness, and to detect subtle problems before they manifest as resistances.

Why does my horse need physiotherapy ?

Regular physiotherapy checkups and treatment can improve the comfort, behaviour and performance of your horse. Regular maintenance improves muscular balance and symmetry and picks up on sub clinical issues before they become a problem.

Physiotherapy is important post surgery or injury where it is vital to restore the muscle function, reduce muscle atrophy and re educate correct neuromuscular function.

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